Play Therapy


Children can struggle to communicate their inner thoughts and feelings through words but rather use their inbuilt capacity to communicate through their play. Research suggests that some 20% of children experience emotional disturbances at some point in their childhood. Early intervention through play therapy greatly assists in relieving these disturbances before they become entrenched in a child's life and being.

Play Therapy takes place in a special play room offering a safe, free and confidential space in which the child is able to explore his or her feelings/emotions and inner self.

A "tool kit" of equipment is offered to facilitate this play and exploration. This tool kit includes:

Sand tray - using minature objects to create a sand world
Construction toys

Photos of some of my tool kit can be found on the "Photos" page.

All sessions are confidential to the child and therapist and are contained by as few "rules" within the play room as possible - in fact only 3!

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